Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hewlett Packard (HP)'s WebOS and Touchpad Failure Case Study - Marketing Research - Market Segmentation- Marketing Mix

Marketing Research: Marketing is meeting needs profitably. But, in today’s market scenario where customer wields as much power as companies, the profitability applies as much to consumers as to firms. The job is to find not right customers for your products, but the right products for your customers. Hence, market research becomes essential. Identifying the problem is the first step in research. HP saw the existing problem as a need for an alternate to Apple or Android. It failed to realize that the customers wanted an alternate, but preferred Windows based one and not an unknown, new operating system. It just expected the customers and developers to adapt. Reports gathered by BCG as early as 2010, states customers were willing to pay in the range of $105-$205 for a tablet. In spite of this, HP launched a product at a cost equivalent to the competitors’ products. Consumers wanted tablets to read, watch, listen, surf, email wherever they are in the world. Lack of 3G/4G capabilities didn’t allow it to cement its position as a personal entertainment and communication center.

Market Segmentation:  HP’s Todd Bradley, VP, Product group, said in a Bloomberg interview that “Our Focus on kind of ubiquity of products will span from consumer to commercial channels. The Enterprise is as important to us as the Consumer segment and that's why we built a product uniquely suited to Enterprise”. This clearly states Touchpad’s intent to penetrate both consumer and business market. HP instead of starting slow and small wanted to build its presence everywhere without a proper system to back it. The consumer segment had stabilized and HP faced extremely strong competition from Apple. Enterprise customers want a great product at a great price and Touchpad was no match. Customers didn’t view Touchpad as a substitute to iPad. The entry barrier was low, but the exit barrier proved to be very high.
Marketing Mix:
Product Stage and Product: HP enjoys great brand equity. But, its product, Touchpad launched in July, 2011 was then in the introduction stage in the life cycle. It did not gain a good image among customers.  The brand attitude was negative and customers or investors were not enthusiastic about the product. Without allowing the product to mature, it was pulled out the market in 6 weeks which led to its complete decline. The product features had been discussed. The company didn’t deliver good service either. It updated to a New WebOS within days of introduction which discouraged many developers.

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