Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hewlett Packard (HP)'s WebOS and Touchpad Failure Case Study - Marketing Mix Strategy

Hewlett Packard (HP)'s WebOS and Touchpad Failure Case Study
This entire case study is posted as different parts as different blog posts (so pls see other posts to get an entire idea)
Market Segmentation: Consumers around the world increasingly see tablets as multipurpose converged devices that are their personal windows on to the internet. Tablet sales are now expected to total around 370 million units within the first five years according to research survey. Approximately half of consumers interested in purchasing a device in the next 12 months are looking at a tablet rather than a net book (see Exhibit 1) and we can also see that between one-third and one-half think it is likely that their tablets will replace their PCS, Laptops, net books. HP’s core business is selling PCs, Laptops and net books fearing that it will lose its customers HP launched  touchpad  with webOS but customers felt it as  bulky and cannot perform at least 25% operations of a Laptop or PC.

From Exhibit 2 its clear that consumers want tablets to read, watch, listen, surf, email wherever they are in the world  HP’s touch pad doesn’t have 3g capability like rival ipad , it can be used only in places where wifi is supported and HP’s touchpad failure was because customers felt that it did not cement its position as a personal entertainment and communication center because of the limited applications supported by webOS.

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